HELLO, AND WELCOME to the Larry Raspberry Web Site. Those of you who know Larry will be pleased to see that he is still rockin' & rollin'. To those who have never heard of Larry Raspberry, we say hello and invite you to spend a little time on our web site and learn a bit about Larry and his music.

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Larry Raspberry is a celebrated and consistent part of the American Music  scene representing a significant part of the Memphis Music heritage. Larry is more active than ever as a performer, recording artist, public speaker, songwriter and producer of unique commissioned shows featuring some of the most famous rock and roll performers of the 60s, 70s and 80s in his Rock For Real Revue.

Larry started by founding, leading and singing lead in the top ten hit record band The Gentrys (Keep On Dancing - #4 Billboard rock charts — MOM Records). The Gentrys were honored by the Memphis Music Foundation with a commemorative Note on Beale Street in 2012.

Following The Gentrys, Larry formed his band Larry Raspberry and The Highsteppers and recorded for Max Records, Mercury Records and Larry's labels Backroom Records and Intense Records. He has 6 CDs in release at the present time with plans underway for 2 more CDs in the next 12 months. Larry Raspberry and The Highsteppers were honored by the Memphis Music Foundation with a commemorative Note on Beale Street in 2015.

Larry Raspberry and The Highsteppers perform regularly to appreciative crowds and they continue to be known for their high energy on stage, for their wild abandon rock n roll and for Larry's original music.

Larry has distinguished himself as a songwriter. His music has been recorded by such creative artists as Jimmy Buffett (Dixie Diner), Carly Simon (Tired of Being Blonde), The Evert! Brothers (Always Drive A Cadillac), Carl Perkins (Lees Get Upset), France's rock icon Johnny Hallyday (Let's Get Upset), the legendary Don Nix (I Belong to My Songs & Thanks for emir)) and more. All these artists are also hit song writers in their own right. The choice to record another songwriter's material is always a pinnacle compliment that Larry has been blessed to repeatedly garner.

Today Larry is performing in two unique formats. He continues to lead his band Larry Raspberry and The Highsteppers on all their live performances and on the Rock For Real Revues which he produces that include other name hit artists. In the second format, Larry presents his songs in a solo acoustic show called Larry Raspberry Alone and Unashamed. He discusses some of the experiences that he has had in his musical journey and he pays homage to the artists and writers that influenced him and those who he has just discovered as new entries to the musical landscape.

The Larry Raspberry energy is still there. It is just a bit more personal and up close presentation.

We now accept PayPal for purchases! Now you can order our CDs and all of our stuff via PayPal directly from Larry and his Central Headquarters. Simply email us and tell us what items you would like and we will give you email PayPal instructions. It’s fast and easy and the modern way.

ATTENTION !! For those who would like to enjoy the live energy and sounds of Larry Raspberry and The Highsteppers or The Gentrys (the classic 60s original garage band under the leadership of the voice of Keep On Dancing, Larry). Contact Larry’s office at larryraspberry@hotmail.com or text to 626 664 2227.


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